Nikka Whiskey Dinner


The Warradale Hotel invites you to experience the best of Japan with a Degustation Dinner presented by Nikka Whiskey with paired beverages in our intimate fireplace room.

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September 15th /  7pm start.

Starter: Trio of Whiskeys

Taketsuru pure malt Single malt Yoichi Single malt Miyagikyo

With beef teriyaki miso marinated, pork and chilli and smoked eel with honey soy.

First course: Sake

Mixed sashimi plate, bluefin tuna, kingfish, Hokkaido Scallops, salmon with Australian wasabi, pickled ginger, soy and salmon roe.

Second course: Asahi Extra Dry

Prawn and shiitake gyoza with soy dipping sauce.

Third course: Asahi black

Wagyu sirloin marble score 9+, grilled king oyster mushroom, pickled shiitake, fried enoki, artichoke puree, soy bonito glaze.

Fourth course: Coffey malt whiskey

Ramen, pork and miso broth, house made noodles, rolled and roasted pork belly, black fungus, spring onion, chilli oil, fried quail egg, and garlic chives.

Petite fore to end.

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