Warradale Verandah / Garden Bar

The Warradale | Verandah / Garden Bar

From the minute you walk into The Garden, you are transformed to a state of tranquillity.
The Garden stays true to its name with an abundance of different plants, all carefully selected to enhance what is essentially a beer garden in the true sense of the word.

Completed in May 2012 as part of stage three renovations, the Garden lifts the Warradale Hotel to new heights in style. Enhancing the experience that the hotel offers visually, aesthetically and practically. Sweeping gardens, designer furniture, and delicious and efficient food and beverage offers ensure a sensational visit, any day of the week.

Beginning with the western wall, four self-contained booths capable of seating up to 15 people in each in absolute comfort all year round. Each booth offers the ability to open the louver roof to shelter from the rain or enjoy balmy summer nights in addition to having individual heating elements for the winter months. There is capability to control each booth’s sound from music to sporting commentary without affecting the ambience of any other booth.

At the back of each booth there is a LED-lit glass block wall end, capable of setting the mood, with ice blue for hot nights, to warm red for the cooler nights – a visually effective way to create ambience. Leading out from each booth is a redwood timber deck, which allows groups occupying each booth to overflow without the feeling of segregation.

The lower level of the outdoor area is constructed from some of the best materials you can source to enhance an area. Hand cut slate, reconstructed concrete furniture and cobblestone walkways create a warmth and ambience; further adding to the feeling of tranquillity.

In between the upper deck and lower area lies a large solid cast concrete water feature that has water lilies and other waterborne plants, all being protected by 20 or so mosquito assassins (goldfish). Book-ended by two large Aloe Vera tree’s, standing there like two Rastafarians, just chilling out.

Sound engineered to reduce noise spill, a 180-degree circle wall encircles the northern garden and reflects sound back into the area. Thus protecting the nearby residents from any possible disturbances; in house controls also limit the music system as a secondary measure.

No matter the weather the outdoor area is cool in summer, and warm in winter. With a large open fire being the centrepiece. An open fire built using reclaimed brickwork, which is also used for the amphitheatre and is a focal point of The Garden. The Garden’s plants act as a natural air conditioner in the warmer months, providing relief to guests who can’t get enough of The Garden – whatever the weather! Practical roofing cover gives weather protection to the guests and complies with smoking legislation requirements.

Sunday Cider Sessions, held each Sunday, bring The Garden to life. A repertoire of live, local acoustic acts keep guests’ toes tapping and a vibe like no other.

Placed all around the outdoor area are eight fixed gas heaters used as soon as there’s a slight chill in the air. The addition of three more heaters in winter ensures everyone is cosy, even on the coldest of nights.

The indoor island bar, which overlooks The Garden, services guests for both food and beverages. This bar has everything – 32 beer fonts, 100 wines to choose from, and the best range of spirits, a fantastic cocktail list and a huge service area all on display – for everyone to see.

When you’re sitting at home thinking, “I would love to go out, it’s a really nice night, too nice to be indoors” Whom are you going to call? The Warradale Hotel’s Courtesy Bus – now there’s no need to worry about driving! The Courtesy Bus will pick you up and drop you off at The Garden free of charge. Whether guests are enjoying the ambience created by mood lighting and cool house music; or coming in to watch the latest sporting event on a 10’ LED LCD screen, guests keep coming back to the Warradale Hotel’s Garden Bar.
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